Preparing Yourself Emotionally for Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty isn't just a physical plastic surgery. It is a very emotional experience that can have a great impact on your mind, both positively and negatively. Many aspects of tummy tuck surgery can affect your emotions. You may even develop a temporary depression. We cover these feelings in the Recovery:What to Expect After Tummy Tuck Surgery section.

Emotional preparation is important because you can set yourself up for depression if you are not fully prepared. Take time to organize your thoughts and gather your emotions before tummy tuck surgery. Keep in mind that anesthesia and medications will affect your emotions and moods. By trying to stay as relaxed as possible, you can shorten your recovery time and help things progress more easily.

Of course you will have some jitters before your tummy tuck surgery. That is normal. Try to relax. I know this is the difficult, but if you trust the plastic surgeon performing your surgery and the surgeon do his or her job, everything will go more smoothly. Getting worked up about your surgery to the point of fright can lead to severe tension that can interfere with your healing. Just understand that it is normal to be excited and have an adrenaline rush from knowing you will have a flat tummy you've always wanted very soon!

What You Can Do to Prepare for Abdominoplasty
There are ways to ease your mind before your tummy tuck surgery that can help you before and afterward. Here is what you can do before surgery to help put things into perspective or relax.

Make sure your abdominoplasty surgeon is aware of your wishes. Make sure you ask your plastic surgeon all the questions you want.

Make sure that you have everything you will need for your recovery after tummy tuck (from food to comfy pajamas to gauze).

Have all of your medications on hand and a place for them, along with your medication time chart.

Go over in your head why you truly want the tummy tuck surgery.

Talk over any concerns with your spouse or family members. You may need to reassure them or explain why you want the abdominoplasty surgery.

Remind yourself that after tummy tuck you will be:

  • bruised
  • sore
  • swollen
  • asymmetrical
  • tired
  • irritable
  • unsure
  • possibly depressed

Print out our "motivational" Postoperative Emotions Remainder List to help you remember these things. Write or print this list out before your tummy tuck surgery because even though you know in your mind now that you will feel this way, your mind plays tricks on you afterwards. Know this.

Take a nice bath or hot shower beforehand and wash your hair and maybe light some candles and soak for a bit. Even play some relaxing music while in the tub or shower. Rinse off in the shower with antibacterial soap afterwards and be sure that there are no oils, creams, or perfumes on your body.

Talk to your friends if you want to let them know about your abdominoplasty surgery. Remember, if you hide it and they notice, they may be hurt or angry, but if you don't want them to know, it is your prerogative.

Remember that this doesn't have to be a stressful time. Stressing and worrying doesn't make anything better once you've decided to have your tummy tuck surgery. Remember that stress can interfere with healing. Think of your health. Think of how fabulous you will look in the following weeks after your tummy tuck!