Tummy Tuck Recovery Information

mauvebullet The Marble Trick: Rounding Out Your Belly Button

How to reshape or round out your postoperative belly button using a glass marble.

mauvebullet Recovering from Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

What to expect, what is the recovery time is like, and how to take care of your tummy tuck scars for best healing results.

mauvebullet Swelling of the Pubic Mound

How to deal with the swelling in the public mound area. Get an advice from abdominoplasty patients and see the photos of their recovery.

mauvebullet Post-operative Emotions Reminder List Print Out

A helpful print-out to keep handy in case you're feeling down and the recovery after tummy tuck is not as smooth as you expected

mauvebullet Surgical Drains Explained

What are surgical drains and why your abdominoplasty surgeon will insert drains behind your incisions after the surgery. How long surgical drains should stay and when they're going to be removed.

mauvebullet General Tummy Tuck Recovery Information

Tummy Tuck Scars Therapy
Which vitamins and supplements can help your tummy tuck scars heel faster and what topical solutions are the best in minimizing scar appearance.

mauvebullet Abdominoplasty Recovery In The Months Ahead

What to expect months down the road after your tummy tuck surgery: your body changes, your scars and your emotions.

mauvebullet Helpful Checklists and Print Outs Index

These lists include what to look for in a surgeon, how to prepare for your tummy tuck consultations, what to ask at your consultations and how to prepare for your surgery.

mauvebullet Depression After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Be aware of post-operative depression and prepare to deal with mixed emotions. Know that you're not alone and depression after tummy tuck surgery is not uncommon.

mauvebullet After Tummy Tuck Swelling Remedies

Tips and advice on how to keep the after surgery swelling down