Tummy Tuck Surgery Day from A to Z

IMPORTANT: If develop a fever, chills or other signs of a cold or other infection in the few days right before your tummy tuck surgery you, call your surgeon's office immediately. Your abdominoplasty surgery may need to be rescheduled. If you show up on the day of surgery with a fever or cold and the surgery is cancelled at that point, you may lose your money. You should never be operated on while you have an already stressed immune system unless it is an emergency, and cosmetic surgery is never an emergency.

ARRIVE ON TIME. You should have the arrival time in your information packet. Call to confirm when you should arrive the day before your tummy tuck surgery. If you are late, your surgeon may cancel your surgery and charge you for it anyway. Make sure you know where the surgery is taking place. You might even want to take a dry run to check the route and traffic a couple of days before your abdominoplasty surgery.

ARRIVE CLEAN. This means you should be freshly scrubbed with antibacterial soap or Hibiclens, if your doctor instructed you. Do not wear lotions, deodorant powders, perfumes, makeup – zilch! Wash your hair the night before tummy tuck surgery. It may be a long time before you get to do that again.

Take off any fingernail and toenail polish. Nurses and the anesthesiologist look at your nails as one way to judge your oxygen levels. You may have a small monitor clipped to one fingertip (a pulse oximeter) that reads oxygen levels and nail polish interferes with the reading.

DO wear your comfortable clothes. This should be soft, warm clothes that are easy to get on and off and don't pull on over your head. Wear slippers with nonslip soles.

DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before your tummy tuck surgery, unless your surgeon gives you other instructions.

DO NOT bring rings, watches, or other jewelry, or large sums of money to the surgery center or hospital. If they become "lost," the hospital or surgeon is not responsible. Don't take anything with you that you can't bear to lose.

DO take any medications you were instructed to take with just a few sips of water. These would be any regular prescription medication, but do this only with your surgeon's knowledge and approval.

DO bring with you any medications, surgical garments, or bandages you were instructed to bring.

DO bring pillows for the car ride home. It makes for a more comfortable ride home if you go home the same day. Also for the car ride, bring a bucket or can with a lid, in case you need to vomit, and some cool, bottled water to sip. Bring cool water or flat club soda or ginger ale, which can help keep the nausea at bay or help get rid of the bad taste in your mouth if you do throw up.

DO bring a few packs of crackers to help with the nausea in the car; Ritz crackers, saltines, or those little Goldfish. Bring what works for you.